North - West Corfu by Stefanos Boats Luxury Trips

Messongi - Boukari

North-West Corfu

Private boat trip to the North sea side of Corfu and visit locations related to the Durrell family – from their life here in the 1930’s, their popular books and the recent TV adaption. Enjoy crystal-clear waters and have memorable moments to private beaches and have a lunch to awarded restaurants at Agni bay or at Kalami bay. Rent one of our speed boats and explore many small beaches and bays accessible only by boat.

Sidari - Canal D' Amour

One of the most beautiful and well-known beaches is Canal d’Amour or “Channel of Love,” is known throughout Europe and worldwide as the beach for true lovers who want to stay together forever. Located on the northern of the island near Sidari According to local legend, couples who swim the length of the canal will stay in love forever while those who swim to its furthest tip will find the love of their life.

Erikousa - Othini By Stefanos Boats Luxury Trips

Messongi - Boukari