Place to visit


Corfu town

It is the capital of Corfu Island and the Ionian Islands. You can reach it easily by boat escaping the traffic of the roads. You can tie your boat in the small port of Garitsa, which is 5 minutes from the centre of the town.  


A beautiful place in the South-East coast of the island, which is famous for its small beaches, crystal waters and wonderful taverns with fresh fish.  All the taverns have their own  jetties and are easily reachable by boat.


The most beautiful and picturesque region of the south-east side of Corfu.  The blue crystal-clean waters and the magical gold sand of this region make it special and different from the other places.  It is worth to visit and can be reached easily, but only by boat!


The Mouse Island – The Vlacherna Church

One of the most famous places to visit in Corfu, which is not known only of its special name, but from its rich vegetation, because it is so green and full of trees. The small island 
was named after its shape in spite of the many other myths. It is worth to take your camera with you when you visit this beautiful island!


A small seaside fishing village of south Corfu, which is not lack of beauty either. Besides the traditional taverns with the fresh and tasty locally caught fish, it is a perfect place to relax. Petriti has its own port with jachts from all around the world. Why not to visit it with your own boat?

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